Planning your vacation will take some time and effort but this will be a fun and positive time for you and your travel partners so hopefully following these steps will help for you to not feel overwhelmed or get discouraged. 1-Figure out your travel budget 2-Choose a destination 3-Book Flights, Hotels, Cruise and Rental Cars 4-Get travel insurance 5-Travel identification documents 6-Research things to do !-Figuring out your travel budget is a very important step to consider while planning your vacation. Your budget will help to determine how you will travel, the length of your vacation and which destinations you’re able to visit. 2-There’s so many destinations that you should consider while planning a wonderful vacation getaway. Listed below is some of the top destinations to visit. -Bermuda really sparkles with its picture perfect pink sand beaches, crystal clear turquoise water and award winning golf courses. Bermuda is dreamy with its pastel colored homes and luxurious hotels. The beautiful island of Bermuda which is located in the north west Atlantic ocean is a rather short flight from the east coast of the United States. -Bahamas offers great year-round weather, beautiful white sand and crystal clear beaches, upscale restaurants and eateries with delicious Bahamian food -Cancun, Mexico on the Yucatan coast offers miles of beaches, luxurious accommodations and a non-stop party atmosphere especially during spring break. -Florida is the sunshine state of the United States. This state offers great year-round weather, beautiful beaches with soft sand and warm water. Florida also offers many theme parks such as Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios. Universal Orlando offers Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios. Other theme parks to consider while visiting Florida are Discovery Cove, Sea World, Busch Gardens and LEGO land. -Las Vegas, Nevada also known as Sin City offers world famous casinos and a non-stop nightlife. Sin City really gets going after midnight. There’s also affordable wedding opportunities and family friendly options such as M&M’s World and the Shark Reef Aquarium. -Paris, France is great for shopping, museums, delicious cafes and the city is full of cultural treasures. Insert “more options” getaway link in the center of the page 3-Now that you have a good idea of your vacation budget and have explored multiple destinations it’s time to A-book your >hotel< insert hotels page hyperlink B-book your >cruise< insert cruises page hyperlink C-book your >flights< insert flights page hyperlink D->rent a car< insert rental cars hyperlink 4-Purchasing travel insurance is a very smart option. After spending valuable time and financial resources to plan your vacation, having insurance, would help to cover losses in the event that you have any travel issues due to delayed flights, lost or damaged luggage or if one of your travel companions becomes ill before or during your scheduled travel. It's rare but unfortunately these things could happen so protecting yourself could be a very wise decision. 5-Make sure everyone in your travel party has the necessary travel documents such as government issued photo ID's, passport's and/or birth certificates. Applying for and receiving these important documents can unfortunately take some critical time if they are needed. 6-Researching things to do before your vacation getaway is a smart idea because there's just so much fun at all of these tourist destinations. There's hundreds of options available and some that are free. You might capture scenic photos, have a picnic at a park, stroll thru local shops to see the heritage, relax on a beautiful beach or find some local live music. All of us at Book My Escape wish you a great vacation full of fun and good times!